Hotel i restauracja Zamkowy w Darłowie


In our restaurant we serve Baltic Sea culinary specialties prepared fresh—everyday! Our fish are from local fisherman brought into the harbor daily . Our smoked fish (Salmon and Trout) are “Cold Smoked” following old traditional methods. On our menu one will find an old German regional favorite—Roast Goose Breast. For the hearty meat lover, we serve a tender Beef Fillet Steak but for the opposites, a Vegetarian dish is available, as well as children’s favorites. Operating times are generally limited to weekends (Friday, Saturday, & Sunday 12:00—22:00) however based on customer request and/or during high season we are open daily. Periodically, daily/weekend menu specials are offered, so even the frequent patron will usually find something new, interesting and delicious. Our comprehensive wine list and alcohol-beverage selection combined with friendly competent service await you.
Original “World Famous” “Rügenwalder Teewurst” on Homemade Bread 15zł
Cold Smoked Baltic Wild Salmon, Horseradish Cream Sauce & Homemade Bread 18zł
Marinated Goose Breast “Tatar” with onion, pickle & granat fruit seeds 18zł
Pomeranian Smoked Goose Breast, sliced & served with an Apple-Mustard sauce 17zł
All our Soups are House-made from Scratch, including the Bread and Noodles  
Goose Broth with Noodles, Carrots and Parsley 15zł
Baltic Cod “Leczo” (Stew-Soup) A delicious & recommended local specialty 17zł
Goulash Soup “Old Style” Recipe & Homemade Bread 17zł
Cold Smoked Baltic Wild Salmon on Jasmine Rice topped with House-made Hollandaise Sauce & a Tossed Green Salad 37zł
Fresh Baltic Cod Fillet: (Prepared one of two ways): 34zł
A) Sautéed in Butter with a delicate Lemon-Honey Sauce, OR
B) Oven Baked. topped with shredded Goats cheese & delicately spiced with Ginger, Paprika, Red Chile, & Basil leaf
Accompanied by a Tossed Green Salad, and your choice of Rice or Potatoes (Direct from the Fisher Boats in Darlowo Harbor)
Pomeranian Roasted Goose Breast, sliced, in its own Gravy-sauce, with Fresh Seasonal Vegetables & Potatoes. Our House Specialty! 35zł
Beef Filet Steak, Baked Potato with Butter and Sour Cream, accompanied by a Fresh Seasonal Salad 59zł
Grilled Chicken Breast and Vegetables topped with an Oriental Sauce and served on Hash-Brown Potato Pancakes 31zł
Traditional Polish Pierogi “Zamkowy Style” (Dough Pockets) filled with
Marinated ground Goose meat
Traditional Polnisches “Pierogi” (Maultaschen) Zamkowy-Art, gefüllt mit Gänsefleisch 26zł
Our Salad Selection:
Tossed Green Salad topped with Roast Goose Breast slices or Chicken Breast, Orange Wedges, Sunflower Seeds and Dressing
Mixed Seasonal Green Salad with Avocado, Spinach, & Green Olives 25zł
House-made “Cheesecake” Vanilla Ice Cream topped with Warm Raspberry Sauce 14zł
House-made Champagne-Lemon Sorbet 14zł
House-made Chocolate Cream Mousse (Whip) topped with Almonds 14zł

Should any changes or substitutions be desired, please ask. We will be happy to accommodate your wishes!